Cricket Terms


1.  Match betting: To predict who will win the match

2.  Most sixes: To predict which team will hit the most sixes.

3.  Man of the match: To predict who will be man of the match.

4.  Top run-scorer: To predict who will be the top scorer of the match.

5.  Run-Outs: To predict the number of run-outs in a match.

6.  Correct Score: To predict the correct score of the match.

7.  Top Bowler: To predict who will take the most number of wickets.

8.  Odd or Even Run Scores: To predict whether the score will be odd or even.

9.  Series Scores: To predict the total score in the series.

10. Moneyline: To predict the outcome of the match while the odds being set by the bookmaker. If a team has odds as -350 it means you have to risk £3.50 for every £1.00. If a team has odds as +350 it means you will win £3.50 for every £1.00.