Sports Arbs

Sports Arbitrage or Sporting Arbitrage
Sport arbitrage or Sporting Arbitrage  is a way of trading which uses difference in odds in several bookmakers, and guarantee you profit with 100% RISK FREE.
Why Sports Arbitrage Opportunity occur?

Sports Arbitrage Opportunities means taking advantage of discrepancies in odds between online bookmakers. The discrepancy happens due to large number of bookmakers and excess number of outcomes for different events. There are more than 250 bookmakers in the internet. Leading bookmakers offer  odds, while other bookmakers, who don’t have a thorough knowledge of every sport, will follow the odds of leading bookmakers. It took time to match their odds with the leading bookmakers, and the mismatch between the odds of the bookmakers creates the arbitrage opportunity.

Lets take a look at this following tennis game:

Arbitrage example 1

 To calculate sporting arbitrage opportunity you want to understand that the odd 1.36 means that placing a money for $1 gives you $1.36 in case of a Simon win.  Now, lets calculate the cost of each odd.

Simon= 1/1.36=.735


Total Cost= $.966

This calculation tells us that we will need $0.966 to be sure to get $1. If the result of the calculation is below 1 (0.966 < 1), then you have an arbitrage opportunity.