Sports Arbitrage

Sports Arbitrage, Sports arbitraging, or Sporting Arbitrage is a way of trading which uses difference in odds in several bookmakers, and guarantee you profit with 100% RISK FREE. Today there are many bookmakers online, and each one posts different odds to the same game. 

Sport arbitrage happens when different bookies publish different odds of some sporting event. We can pick the best odd we find on each outcome and place the money in a different bookie, so we back all the event’s outcomes and guarantee a profit no matter what the outcome is. Sports Arbitrage helps you win for sure without risking your money and regardless of the outcome of the event.

Sports Arbitrage or Sporting Arbitrage Example

Lets take a look at this following tennis game:

Arbitrage example 1

3.494% profits means that if you invest 1000$ you will get back 1034.94$.

34.94$ profit risk free!!

 Lets see how we do this:

 To calculate sporting arbitrage you want to understand that the odd 1.36 means that placing a money for $1 gives you $1.36 in case of a Simon win.  Now, lets calculate the cost of each odd.

Simon= 1/1.36=.735


Total Cost= $.966

Total Profit= $1 – $.966=$.034

This calculation tells us that we will need $0.966 to be sure to get $1. If the result of the calculation is below 1 (0.966 < 1), then you have an arbitrage opportunity. if you do the math without rounding, the profit is 0.03494 or 3.494 percent.

We can use the Arbitrage Calculator and find the amount to invest on each outcome. If we invest 760.98$ on Simon we will get 1034.94$ back, and if we invest 239.02$ on Ebden we will also get 1034.94$ back.

Important points to remember for Sports Arbitrage 

1.Odds: Odds are defined as the chance or probability of a certain outcome in an event. The odds allow you to calculate how much money you will win if you put your money in an event.  The three main types of odds are Decimal, Fractional and American. 
Decimal odds are the most popular odds currently in use. They are offered mainly in Europe and also known as European odds.
Formula for calculating decimal odds = (odds * stake) – stake.
A 9.0 odd can be calculated as (9.0 * $10 stake) – £10 stake  = $80.
It means that every one dollar you stake you will receive 9 dollars back.
Fractional odds explained that for every 1$ you win then 9$ you will lose. A 9/1 fractional odd can be calculated as  1 / (9 + 1) = 0.10.
It means you have a 10% chance of winning and an 90% chance of losing. 
American odds are indicated with a + sign and a -sign. The positive sign (+) show the amount you would win for a 100 stake. The negative sign (-) show how much you need to stake to win 100. 
2. Bookmakers: A bookmaker, mediator or a person that put money on sporting and other events at agreed odds. Bookies offer best odds opportunities in a wide range of sports, including horse racing, cricket, auto racing, tennis, football, basketball, and many more.
3. Type of Events: There are several types of straight sport events you will come across when placing money online or offline. 


1. Full Time Result: To predict whether the result will be win, lose or draw. It is also called as 1 X 2. The 1 marks the home win, the X marks the draw and the 2 marks the away win.

2. Asian Handicap(AH): Asian Handicap gives a possibility for one of only two winning outcomes. Asian Handicap gives a weaker team a handicap start and removes the possibility of the draw. There are two types of handicap named single handicap and double handicap.

3. Total Goals: To predict whether the total number of goals are more or less than the number of goals quoted. Bookmakers usually propose Over/Under at 2.5 goals. A Under event is won if 2 goals maximum are scored and lost if 3 or more are scored during the match.

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